College Admissions


Caroline Snedeker, Senior Copy Editor

Supplementals, required recommendation letters, and application fees are only three of the obstacles students must tackle to submit a college application. The college application process is high-stress, whether a student applies to one or 15 schools. It’s an overwhelming process that most students feel unprepared for, despite counselor help and support.

As a Senior at St. Andrews, there are so many things I wish I had known before starting my college applications; especially from a current or recent senior. The amount of time and energy exerted towards this process in the first semester of senior year has been overwhelming, but talking about it with fellow classmates has made me feel less alone. Balance is required, and managing college and school stress is a complex skill to master but will become a lasting skill. 

I’ve learned that the only way to truly gain insight into how to conquer college applications is through people who have recently gone through the process.