Enyla Blackmon, Staff Writer

Each school day, the St. Andrew’s cafeteria has hundreds of students swarming to get food. The Commons serves items ranging from cereal to hot meals for both breakfast and lunch through Flik. Flik is a company that provides dining services all across the nation. St. Andrew’s has employed several Flik workers who may often be overlooked. With the plethora of chaos the Commons holds as food is served, it can be difficult to remember who helps behind the scenes. One of these hard workers is Angela Moore; she might be seen checking people out, stocking up the snack cart, or even in the kitchen helping prepare the food. No matter where she is, you will always see her greeting people with a smile on her face. 

Moore first began working with Flik at St. Andrew’s in 2014, “I was looking for a better opportunity at the time,” Moore said. 

For nine years, Moore has worked her way from being a cashier to now holding the Director of Dining position. However, holding a good job isn’t the only part that keeps her going. Her main sense of motivation is the students, “I get to learn students in a deeper way as they go up in grade and mature.” Students also appreciate what she does for them. 

“My favorite part about Ms. Angela is that she never forgets my name,” SA Senior Ryder Hebert said. 

“I like how friendly she is because sometimes when there’s a long line you get tired,” Sophomore Drew McDonald said, “so it’s nice to be able to talk to someone after.” “It’s nice camaraderie, so there’s not a huge distance between workers and students,” he said. 

Moore values the connection she shares with students and faculty more than anything else. Even with all the hard and stressful work that comes with her position, she still puts the needs of the people before herself. She’s never afraid to be honest. 

“I can be unhappy, but I disguise it,” Moore said. “I really wear my heart on my sleeve.” Her warm and companionable spirit always makes everyone feel welcome in the Common. Students notice and admire this as well. 

“Each year is different,” Moore said, “But interacting with students is my favorite. I love that part.”