Winter Sports Review


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Balls from various sports.

Jameson McMillian, Staff Writer

Winter Sports Review


As football and volleyball seasons have come to an end, winter sports athletes are extremely excited to start their seasons. Winter sports include basketball, soccer, powerlifting, and wrestling. Basketball and soccer are especially excited to get back onto the court and field for they both came up short last year.


“I’m looking forward to building up that team chemistry again, and getting better and getting more wins this season,” SA soccer player Mark Edward Wilson said.  The soccer team has ambitions to win state this year after running up last year. “I have a good feeling that we can win state this year.”


Basketball is also extremely excited to start its season. After taking an exit in the quarterfinals of last year’s playoffs, they can’t wait to get back on the court and prove themselves. Many of the players look forward to the season and have a multitude of reasons for why they play. “I really love the sport, it gives me something to do, and keeps me in shape,” SA basketball player Lance Bonner said. 


The powerlifting and wrestling teams both start their seasons this winter as well. Being a newer team to SA, coach Name Says “quote” to bring success to their team. Coach name “expects them to win quote” He also said one of the biggest challenges they have to face this year is “quote.” Powerlifting has been working very hard ahead of its season. They have been practicing “every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:30 to 5:30” junior powerlifter Larry Johnson said. They are looking forward to their hard work to paying off this season.


The winter athletes can’t wait to start competing this year. No matter what sport, it would be great to have as much support at games as possible. As SA basketball player Robert Eriator said, “The fans allow [us] to gain an edge because they increase our motivation to do well.”