Water Water Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink

A pot of boiling water close up.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

A pot of boiling water close up.

Riley Sprayberry, Staff Writer

For the past month, Jackson MS has been on a boil water notice due to the high turbidity in the water treatment plant. This has widely affected all those who live in Jackson, affecting others’ day-to-day lives.

It was announced that the water pressure failure would happen eventually, leaving Jackson without water. This caused further change in the citizens’ lives and would leave many without water. Victoria Atkins, a senior student at Saint Andrew’s lives in the Jackson area and has had trouble with water pressure and the lack of water as well.

“The everyday process is a lot different.”Atkins said, “Like you don’t really notice how important the use of clean water is to you until you don’t have it”

Not only is the everyday process changed but the money spent on bottled water and the amount of it needed for everyday things; such as cooking and cleaning caused the increasing need of water bottles.

“We are definitely spending more on water. I’d say you know we probably drink or go through about three gallons a day so that’s an extra three dollars a day so when you add that up you spend over 100 bucks” Mrs. Majonivic said

This not only affected the people of Jackson but the businesses and colleges too. Many businesses are having to spend a lot of money just to stay in business. They have had to use an insane amount of water from the water bottles just to keep up business and give people safe food they can eat. 

” anybody who is providing a service like a restaurant where water is an important commodity yes, they have to buy more.”Director of College Counseling, Colin Dunnigan said “And also maybe the colleges in the area such as BellStats, and Bellhaven, Jackson State, for example, delayed their students coming in into their dorms this year, because of water issues.”