Meeting New Teachers: Mrs. Killebrew


Max Stover, Staff Writer

Every year, St. Andrew’s Upper School welcomes new faculty. This year, we were introduced to quite a few new faces. Among this group of new staff is Geometry teacher, Austin Killebrew.


She had been long awaiting a job at St. Andrews, though so had many others. “I applied, 5 years ago, for a job in the Middle School,” Killebrew said. When she learned she got the job in the upper school, she was more than excited. Not only had she been waiting to work at St. Andrew’s for years, but it also brought her closer to her family.


Killebrew’s most recent move was from Texas to Mississippi, but she had also taught in Georgia, at The Lovett School. Though she is more familiar with teaching middle schoolers, Killebrew has found an enjoyment in teaching high school students as well.


Killebrew’s love for the school is based on more than her pre-existing knowledge of it though. “I have nothing to complain about so far,” Killebrew said. “The staff had made me feel incredibly welcome and supported.” 


“I have a wide range of interests,” Killebrew said. “and I’m always welcome to make new friends.” She particularly enjoys softball, horseback riding, and hiking.