How the Dress Code Affects Female Students


Maya Worsley, Staff Writer

The St. Andrew’s football team is high-spirited due to the “rowdie” student section at this year’s games and pep rallies. 

St. Andrew’s football season is back and better than ever. Students, faculty, and staff are all ready for the return of FNL and pep rallies. The energy and excitement at these events have been the best seen in years. Many say it is due to the shift from having pep rallies in the ARC to the Old Gym, which is where they’ve been held in past years. 

“I really enjoy the energy that the old gym contributes to at pep rallies,” sophomore Austin Morgan said, “the Old Gym has a sort of magic to it that the ARC doesn’t have and with the energy from lots of people, I feel supported and it inspires me to play well in front of my friends.”

Along with the energetic pep rallies, football games are where all the fun happens. For every home game, students dress up in a certain theme to show school spirit. So far, the student section and the student participation within it have been great! 

 “Loud student sections have been awesome this year so far,” senior Devin Caddle said, “our peers coming out to support definitely gives the team and I a support system needed for this program.” 

When asked if loud student sections provide support for the team, players agreed that having a supportive school behind them at games has improved their hopes and dreams for this season. Of course, they not only want to do this for themselves and each other but for the whole school. Now the team has had ups and downs this season already, but with reassurance from the school community, the team just has to focus on the next game. 

 “Yes, the wins and loses always matter, most importantly the wins,” freshman John William Walker said, “No matter what the loses always hurt, but it feels nice to have people tell you “good job” or “you played tough out there” even when you know you don’t feel that way.”

As the SA football team has many more games ahead, student participation at football games and pep rallies is of utmost importance. Not only is it fun for the students but also allows the team to feel inspired to play their best. 

“I love having loud student sections,” junior Friend Walker said, “being able to play in front of people that I know care is a great feeling. School spirit is important for all sports not just football because it shows that people care about this school and its athletes.”