Cross Country Coach Change


Avery Decker , Staff Writer

After the girl’s cross country team won the state championship last year, their head coach, Elisabeth Gaillet, moved to coach the boy’s cross country team leaving the girl’s team with the former head coach, Christi DeLaughter. Junior Emily Ireland ran under Coach Liz last year and enjoyed being on the team. “She was great,” Ireland said, “she promoted a really good team environment.” During the 21/22 season, former coach, Coach D took some time off and left Coach Liz to help coach the girl’s team. When Coach D announced that she would be returning to the team for the 22/23 season, Coach Liz moved to coach the boy’s team for the upcoming season. Although the girls were disappointed they were excited and looking forward to the 22/23 season under Coach D. “I’ve heard that all these years Coach D has led the team to state” Jasleen Rekhi said, “ I feel like she can do it again.”