Virtual Saints Leads the Way

Virtual Saints Leads the Way

Stella Brewer, Social Media Editor

 St. Andrew’s has always been known for their advancements in learning and technology. In late 2020, St. Andrew’s released their Virtual Saints program. The purpose of the online courses are to utilize transformative technology in order to create a virtual world where students are able to connect regardless of where they live. Virtual Saints courses are highly sought after and spots are filling up quickly because of the flexibility of the classes. 

     “This is a way for students to connect,” said Mrs. Rodriguez, head of the Virtual Saints program, “We are essentially putting them on the academic path to get ahead!”

     Virtual Saints was created during the beginning of the Covid pandemic as a way to keep students engaged and connected. Since its creation, the program has really taken off  and has enrolled over 100 students from St Andrew’s as well as students from other parts of the US.

     Especially for St. Andrews students, these classes could offer benefits. If you are currently enrolled in St. Andrew’s your grade in this class will be calculated into your GPA.

     The Virtual Saints courses are designed to be both informative and entertaining with specialized courses for personalized learning. With courses like specialized math courses, graphic design, music theory, history and culture based courses, the Virtual Saints program provides a class for nearly every interest.

     When applying for summer courses, it is important to consider the commitment to the online course. It is recommended that students allot around 5-6 hours of uninterrupted time for each course per day.

     St. Andrews is committed to creating high quality learning experiences for those who are willing to learn. Virtual Saints helps to provide a program for students who feel like they need to further their education and better connect with others, regardless of where they live or what school they attend.