Exposing the Crown


Caroline Croft, Senior Editor

On March 8th, an interview with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Oprah shocked the world. Markle sat for a solo interview with Oprah for the first half of the interview and was brutally candid about her time spent in the royal family. 

One of the most notable confessions surrounded Meghan and Harry’s firstborn named Archie. Before Archie was born, it was revealed to the couple that he would not be given and title and would therefore not be afforded security. There were also conversations had with prince Harry about how dark his son’s skin color would be and how it might look to onlookers of the royal family. 

Meghan discussed with Oprah the tabloids’ incessant need to polarize the royals. She was constantly compared to Kate Middleton and made to be the evil one of the two sisters-in-law. Oprah and Meghan discussed a popular story about Meghan supposedly making Kate cry over the outfits of her bridesmaids. However, Meghan revealed that it was in fact the opposite that happened. Kate left Meghan crying in the week leading up to the wedding after arguing whether the bridesmaids would wear stockings or go bare-legged. 

Meghan’s story is eerily similar to her late mother-in-law Diana’s experience. Meghan opened up to Oprah about her mental state while living in the palace confessing that she “was ashamed to have to admit it to Harry” but she knew that if she didn’t tell him, she would do it because she “didn’t want to be alive anymore.” Similar to Diana, while she was pregnant with her first child, she sought support from the institution for her mental health. They denied her request and sent her away with the promise that they empathize with her pain, but as a royal, nothing could be done. 

Harry recognized how similar Meghan’s situation was to his mother’s and told Oprah that he has no idea how his mother survived without the support of a husband (his father). Harry was afraid that history would repeat itself and he is now glad that Meghan came into his life and saved him from the life that he was trapped in. 

When Harry and Meghan officially decided to step down as senior members of the royal family, they were shunned by The Firm. Harry was stripped of his honorary military titles and was cut off financially. Harry explained that his main concern after moving to Canada was paying for security for his family. 

On a lighter note, Harry and Meghan announced that their new baby is a girl and will be arriving this summer. Oprah walked through Harry and Meghan’s new home in the Santa Barbara area, revealing their peaceful oasis that contained farm dogs, chickens, and big beautiful trees. Meghan wrapped up the interview by explaining that she did, indeed, get a happy ending with her prince at the end of the fairytale.