5 Ways To Do A College Reveal


Xenia Minton, Design Editor

  As springtime is quickly approaching, so is college decision day! Seniors all around the nation will be making the fateful decision of which college they will attend for the next four years of their life. There are so many fun and creative ways to do this, and these are just a few of the numerous methods to do a college reveal.


Social Media:

     With the rise of the internet, it is easy to assume that most who participate in doing a college reveal will create a social media post of some sort. This can be done in a multitude of ways, from making a TikTok reveal video with a trendy dance or song or creating an Instagram post with pictures and a caption declaring your college choice.



     A popular method from Pinterest includes doing a cupcake elimination round. This would entail having the senior choose his or her top pick from a row of cupcakes decorated with each university’s colors and mascots on it. This approach is fun, tasty, and 100% Pinterest approved!



     Seniors can also choose to reveal their college decision by wearing the university’s gear; choosing a hat or shirt displaying the colors, college name, or logo is an easy way to show off his or her future school.



     Grab some friends and do a college reveal together. Having a college reveal party where everyone displays their future school is a fun way to connect with friends and celebrate the momentous occasion that all will be experiencing. You could even get @ohsnapitsxenia to do a group photoshoot session.



     Seniors can also incorporate their favorite TV shows and movies into their college reveal. The possibilities are endless; a Bachelor-like elimination round or Harry Potter sorting hat would definitely get points for creativity and thinking outside the box.


No matter how you choose to display your college decision, remember that this is all in good fun, and there shouldn’t be any stress of putting on a perfect college reveal. Stressing is for high schoolers, and we’re so over that now.