Spring Sports Overview


Bailey Bryan, Staff Writer

As winter comes to a close and the new season begins, spring sports are beginning practice for the coming season. At St. Andrews, spring sports include Golf, Track and Field, Lacrosse, and many more. This season, athletes have much to anticipate and to strive for following the cancellation of last year’s seasons.

“I’m looking forward to playing golf with this group of guys this year because I think we will have a lot of talent and a great deal of fun,” Sophomore Golfer Connor Dunnigan said. “When that time of year comes I expect the playoffs to be extremely competitive with lots of schools and players looking to win.”

Dunnigan and others look forward to this season as they have a real chance to win state after only playing one tournament last year. In that one tournament, the team finished in third place against top schools in the state such as Germantown and Madison Central. The season is bright for the team as they return with an even stronger lineup than the previous year.

In addition to the golf team starting their spring season soon, the track and field team will also be competing in the following months with a chip on their shoulder. 

“I’m just excited to get back on the track and compete since last year’s season was cancelled early,” Sophomore Runner Anthony Jones said. “I’m also excited to get back out there as I have had some surgery done and I want to get back to what I love.”

Coming off an extended period of time where he has had to do a large amount of physical therapy and get used to walking and running again, Jones will be running with a thankful and grateful heart while competing in the sport he loves this year with the rest of his team. 

One of the most exciting sports that will be played in the spring this year is the physically exhausting game of lacrosse.

“Being the first year we have been placed into the MHSAA, I’m greatly looking forward to winning the first St. Andrews Lacrosse championship,” Junior Lacrosse player John Matthews said.

This is a year in which lacrosse is getting some high praise as it is finally being represented as an official school sport. Mathews is looking forward to the opportunity to win a championship and bring some pride to the St. Andrews Athletic program deemed best in the state. 

This spring, both athletes and spectators have a lot to look forward to as a new line-up of sports roll out. Whether one is watching lacrosse, track and field, or any other spring sport we have at St. Andrews, cheer a little louder than you normally would so that our athletes can get that extra push to bring home a championship trophy.