Hot Topic: Prom?


Stanley Qu, Broadcast Editor

Contrary to popular belief, prom is happening. The junior class has already finished the bulk of their fundraising in poinsettia sales and are planning to make major fundraising moves in the spring. Many in the senior class have expressed concerns regarding the possibility of prom in the spring. Junior class Vice President Isabella Flores believes otherwise.

     “We are very optimistic about the possibility of prom,” Flores said. “We have been preparing for it like it will happen. We were not able to raise as much money from poinsettias this year because there were many people who doubted that prom would happen. We hope we will be able to give the senior class the prom they missed out on.”

     Others, such as Junior Ricky Miller, do not believe prom will happen in April.

     “Prom won’t happen because the school won’t let it happen,” Miller said. “There are too many COVID cases at the moment, and I think the school is too cautious to let it happen.”

     Miller also believes that the school should host a prom in April because he predicts that the vaccine rollout will dampen rising numbers.

     “There are a lot of people that have already been vaccinated, and I think it is only a matter of time before everyone gets it,” Miller said. “I have heard rumors that there will be too many vaccines in Mississippi to give to everyone.”

     Junior Matthew Azordegan has other ideas for prom such as a virtual prom. 

     “I think that an online prom would be really fun,” Azordegan said. “It would not require physical presence and it would allow students to hang out with their friends ‘virtually.’”

     There are many that believe prom will happen and there are many that believe prom will not happen, but the outcome in April depends on COVID-19 predictions, school decisions, and student preparation.