Fishin’ for a New Club?


Bailey Bryan, Staff Writer

The St. Andrew’s community has always prided itself as being both inclusive and  supportive of student hobbies. In the last few years St. Andrew’s has added an abundance of clubs such as chess club, board game club, and Exploring Jackson Through Food club. In 2020, that pride in a wide variety of clubs grew.

“St. Andrew’s does a really good job at implementing new and original clubs,” Sophomore Anthony Jones said. “With Covid being around, the school has helped clubs by giving room to support them and letting students run them autonomously.”

In a time of much uncertainty, the ability to get out with your peers and participate in activities together in accordance with CDC guidelines is important to many students. It greatly benefits young people as they feel a sense of normalcy and fun.

A new club introduced this year at St. Andrew’s was the fishing club founded by Andrew Carron and Jack Crawford. In the midst of an odd year, the two decided to branch out to a new activity where all are welcome.

“Jack and I decided to start the fishing club because we both love fishing,” Carron said. Fishing is also an ideal activity to participate in during a pandemic.”

Carron provides an excellent point as getting outside during the pandemic has been difficult; fishing club also provides a unique opportunity to get out with friends and be physically distanced while doing something many love.

Crawford and Carron encourage all to participate in the club as it could have positive lasting effects.

“I feel people should consider participating in this club because fishing gives us a great way to meditate and take a break from our everyday stress,” Carron said.

Whether one is trying to get away from stress, or do something fun with friends while still respecting the pandemic guidelines, the fishing club is a wonderful way for someone to spend their time.