Return of the Democrats


Bailey Bryan, Staff Writer

After a disputed election by former president Donald Trump, Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th president of the United States of America. Every four years, January 20th is the day the President is sworn into office. However, Biden’s inauguration is a delicate event as many Americans worry about the recent storming of the capitol and the unwillingness of Republicans to admit a fair election. 

“I’m really worried and it’s really pretty scary,” Freshman Jalen McMillan said. “There was really an entire coupe and truly that’s pretty concerning. As a true and fair democracy events like this shouldn’t happen. Whatever comes next truly scares me.”

McMillan is not alone in his concerns as many others share his views. With the historic storming of the capitol, some St. Andrews students worry about what is yet to come.

“[The events that occurred at the Capitol] also worries me in relation to the inauguration,” Freshman Larry Johnson said. “The events that were carried out happened to try and overturn a vote before the president was sworn in. Imagine what measures could be taken now that he has been elected.”

Public news sources such as the Washington Post and CNN have posted articles discussing the changes in regulation happening this year. These alterations to a typical January 20th are due to both COVID-19 and the storming of the capitol building. These changes range from the arrival of the President-elect in Washington to the parade before the inauguration. 

Public officials deemed it necessary to cancel the typical procession that would occur before the swearing-in ceremony. In addition to this, air travelers will not be able to check guns onto planes slated to travel to Washington D.C. while also having a major buffer of security around the event. This year, no mishaps will be allowed to occur as United States security prepares for the worst. 

Even though a great deal of tragedy and worry has occured to start off 2021 for many Americans, some are choosing to focus on the bright side of President-elect Joe Biden being sworn into office. 

“Compared to the past, I’m quite happy with our new president,” Sophomore Kyla Jackson said. “With Biden being the better option this year I’m happy that he will become our new president.”

Much like Jackson, McMillan is happy about the new president, but he is not fully convinced.

“I guess i’m happy about it,” McMillan said. “It is better than what we had previously I’d say. There was a lot of craziness that happened during Trump’s presidency so I think it’ll be refreshing to have someone new.”

While a great deal has to change this year to safely transition power between Presidents this year, many are happy for President-elect Joe Biden to be sworn-in so that we can turn a new page in American history and see what the future holds.