Home for the Holidays


Stanley Qu, Broadcast Editor

As we approach the end of the year holidays, COVID-19 continues to ravage communities all around America. Many have halted traveling but others have found alternative ways to leave the comfort of their homes and venture the dangerous world.

John Matthews, a Junior at St. Andrew’s, and his family have made plans to travel. John believes that following CDC guidelines are necessary for an open nation including social distancing and mask wearing.

“My family and I are going to a water park,” Matthews said. “We are going to be properly social distancing and wearing masks. I hope that none of us get the rona.”

Although there are people that are choosing to travel, most of the St. Andrew’s community will be staying locally. 

Sophomore Sophia Brown believes that traveling could be dangerous and she and her family have elected to stay in the Jackson Metro Area for Christmas. 

“My family and I just think travel is unnecessary during this time,” Brown said. “We are going to stay home and stay safe during this holiday season”

While few are choosing to travel, many are choosing to stay. It seems that the overall consensus in the community is to stay in town for safety reasons so as to not endanger others.