SA’s Declaration of Attendance


Stella Brewer, Online Editor

With the recent increase in COVID-19 cases around Mississippi, nearby schools are beginning to amend their current school schedules. Schools have begun taking more precautionary measures to prevent the spread, and some have begun closing down because of a pre-existing outbreak. Schools like Brandon High School, Jackson Prep, Germantown Middle and High School, and public schools near Simpson county are shifting to virtual learning in preparation for the Holiday season as a response to the recent rise in community spread.

     Because schools across Mississippi have begun to shut down, many wonder if St. Andrew’s has any intention of altering the schedule that is currently in place. The SA community is currently operating on a hybrid schedule with half of the students attending everyday. 

     The St. Andrew’s administration has shown on multiple occasions they are taking the prevention of the virus seriously. They are staying updated on the current CDC guidelines and keeping a close eye on different factors that may eventually affect future school attendance options. 

       St. Andrew’s director of health, Anna Wadlington, is currently unsure of a change in the schedule, but is confident that St. Andrew’s will handle a possible shift well.

     “There are many external and internal considerations that we are watching quite closely right now, meaning the rate of disease in the areas surrounding the school, and the rate of disease within our school,” SA Director of Health Anna Wadlington said. “We’re watching the number of new cases per day, the number of cases per 100,000 in the tri county area, hospitalization rate, and of course cases and those quarantined within the school.”

     As of now, no new decisions have been made for schooling after Thanksgiving break. New learning options have been up for discussion, but the school is focused on doing what is best for the community. 

     “They [the CDC] define an outbreak of 3 or more cases within a particular group,” Wadlington said.  “They suggest school dismissal when you have 3 or more outbreaks within the school.” said Wadlington. “We don’t have a decision to move to full virtual learning after Thanksgiving, but it is up for discussion.”

     Right now in our community there is a lot of uncertainty for the future. Currently there is no real plan to move forward fully into virtual learning but, there is always the possibility. In the upcoming weeks, the SA administration will have a detailed plan of what the best option for future learning may be.