Hoop Dreamin’


Chloe Ward, Staff Writer

The holiday season is closely approaching and winter sports, including basketball, are in full swing. So far, the boys team has played three games, with a 2-1 record. The Lady Saints have played two games and currently have an 0-2 record. 

     With the retirement of previous head coach Brian Cronin, the boys have introduced a new coach, Russel Marsalis, who is a favorite among the team. 

     “Coach Marsalis has been a great Coach.” said sophomore Forward Dwight Luckett. “I think he’s a good fit for our team and he has adjusted to SA in no time.”

     Both teams have experienced great setbacks due to injuries hitting the senior players. Point-guard Rashad Bolden has missed two games due to a bruised rib, along with center Aaron Moore who suffered from a strained groin. 

     Co-captains for the Lady Saints, Maya Leflore and Betsy Van Meter, both tore their ACLs in the preseason, and are sadly out for the majority of the season. 

     While the season has begun with a slow start this year, many players feel that COVID-19 has allowed them to prepare more for upcoming games. 

     “With the situation that is going on , I have had more time to focus on my game by putting extra work in the gym” said senior team member and shooting guard Larry Day. 

     Head of School Tom Sheppard has also postponed all winter sports until after Thanksgiving break, leaving many players wary about their odds of playing a whole season this year. 

     “I don’t think we will have a full season because a lot of teams have been quarantined,” Day said. “This means we haven’t had a chance to play them and now we’ll have less experience for district play in January.”