Gather “Apart” With Thankful Hearts


Bailey Bryan, Staff Writer

2020 has already earned the reputation of being one of the worst years on record. Great actors have died, natural disasters have reached an all time high, and Covid-19 is still raging throughout the world. Not only has Covid-19 taken away spring and summer holidays, but it is also  coming for Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas too. 

     “As tempting as it is to just stick with our cherished traditions, this year we really need people to reconsider and frankly not gather with other households,” Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said.

     Normal Thanksgiving traditions would see large groups of people attending public gatherings for friends and family. Large amounts of food would be prepared and a great number of people would be in close proximity without masks. All of these combining factors would lead to the creation of super spreader events, further spiking covid numbers.

     “I think a lot of people have been anxious and tired of being stuck in their homes,” Sophomore Nehemiah Thompson said, “It’ll lead to people being much more relaxed with regulations and masks. With the mindset [that family is safe], many will create super spreader events.”

     Nehemiah has plans to stay with his close family this holiday season as he worries about the chances of spreading the virus within his own family. 

     Despite the halting of large gatherings during Thanksgiving, the holiday is not completely ruined. The opportunity to celebrate the holiday with one’s immediate family still exists. Many St. Andrews students are still finding ways to celebrate with family despite the warnings of massive COVID outbreaks.

     “Even though Covid-19 has ruined my plans to see extended family, I will still get to celebrate the holiday with my closest family,” Sophomore Nico Buford said.

     As a community, everyone must do their part and not expose their friends and family to COVID. Even though this is an extremely hard time, loved ones are still there, and everyone has the opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with them, despite there being fewer around to enjoy it. So if you are visiting loved ones this Thanksgiving, please wear a mask, and remember to follow proper social distancing guidelines as we try to slow the pandemic.