Rise of the Underdogs


Bailey Bryan, Staff Writer

      As the decade of 2010 sports ended, 2020 has set the tone early for another decade of great sports moments. From the NBA Finals to the World Series, the possibilities are endless for incredible moments. 2020 kicked off these epic championships with the conclusion of the 2020 NBA Finals, resulting in a Los Angeles Lakers win spearheaded by Lebron James and Anthony Davis.

     “Laker nation want they respect,” James said. “I want my damn respect too.”

     Lebron is coming off a historical Finals run where he almost averaged a triple-double, a term which can be defined as double-digit points, rebounds, and assists, for the series while ending game six with 28 points, 14 rebounds, and 10 assists. All over the internet, James has been bashed for having a 3-6 record in the NBA Finals. Despite having won three Finals before this year, basketball fans have only focused on his six NBA Finals series losses rather than the pure dominance required to reach ten NBA Finals. With his win in 2020, he is hoping the internet will reflect a more favorable impression of him.

     With the conclusion of the NBA Finals, the scope of sports turned to baseball and the conclusion of the MLB regular season with the playoffs continuing. In the National League Championship between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves, the Braves took an early series 3-1 lead with everything going in their favor. However, the Dodgers came back to win the series 3-4 and advance to the World Series in a shocking turn of events.

     “Man, we’re resilient,” Cody Bellinger said. “The Atlanta Braves are an amazing team, It was not an easy series and that was fun right there.”

     A comeback from 3-1 is no easy feat. Most teams in that position would inevitably lose, so it is truly incredible to see such a great baseball team come back from that deficit. Both Bellinger and the entire Dodgers organization were thrilled with the comeback victory.

     “I’m just so proud of these guys. It’s been a crazy year, guys away from their families, social injustices,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. “This year is our year. This is our year!”

     The Dodgers advanced to the World Series to take on the Tampa Bay Rays in hopes of winning their first title since 1988. Through four games of the Series, it was extremely close with the teams tied early, 2-2. The Dodgers then took both games 5 and 6 amongst controversy with the Ray’s ace pitcher being taken out of game 6 in the middle of an amazing performance. After game six, the LA Dodgers were world champs, and Dodgers fans all around the world celebrated.

     The city of Los Angeles has truly honored Kobe this year by bringing two championships. Devin Caddle, a basketball player at St. Andrews, had a lot to say about what this year meant in honoring Kobe’s legacy.

     “To LA and myself I believe this is a huge win in what is such an upside-down year,” Caddle said. “One Kobe quote that resides with me is ‘finish at the end and not the middle’. Winning not just one, but two championships fulfill his words. LA, myself, and others who knew of Kobe all know he would want us to be great at our crafts whether it’s baseball or basketball.”