Voting Age Fears


Maya Adams, Online Editor

     Voting is a child’s dream and nightmare come true. Throughout our childhoods, we are presented with images of what happens in a voting booth, but those images gave us a false sense of what voting is really like and how much needs to be done before you’re allowed to vote. Here are some thoughts SA Senior Erinn Kim had on entering the world of voting.

     Although Kim will have just narrowly missed the voter eligibility and registration deadline by the time she turns 18 in November, the pressure is still on her as she becomes a legal adult in the United States. One of the responsibilities given to adults is the option to vote, whether it be for local, state, or national elections. Even though she is nearly voting age, Kim admits that she had not always known the true meaning and impact of voting.

     “When I was younger, I did not know much about voting,” Kim said. “All I knew was that there were two parties, and you should support the guy your parents pick.”

     Luckily, Kim’s ideas on what voting is have matured as she’s grown older, and she understands that who she votes for is her own decision that’s independent of her parents and friends’ opinions. Kim now knows that researching candidates and their policies on your own is an important part of the voting process.

     “Voting is a powerful tool, and one must not waste their opportunity to make a difference,” said Kim.

     While voting can be a very exciting opportunity to participate in government, it can also be a daunting experience, especially for voters just now joining the scene. Reaching the voting age is a sign of maturity that’s incomparable in importance to previous milestones, such as getting a phone or learning to drive. It can be agreed that finally being able to take part in the government is a largely positive experience, but having such power can be scary; however, no matter how scary the ability to vote can be, it is important to remember that voting is how regular citizens can have a say in decisions that affect their lives.

     In a final comment, Kim urges that “everyone who is eligible to vote in this year’s election should vote!”