No Winner

Stanley Qu, Broadcast Editor

     On September 29, 2020, millions of Americans huddled around their TVs and computers to watch President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden debate. The two viciously tore at each others’ past actions and criticized each others’ presidential proposals. Immediately, President Trump utilized tactics similar to those deployed in the 2016 Presidential Debates on his opponent. He interrupted Vice President Biden a reported 70+ times and spoke critically of everything the Vice President said. For over two hours, the two candidates interrupted each other at every opportunity. Few words could be deciphered over the opposing candidate’s voice, and those that could be heard were brutal and unrestrained.

     Following the conclusion of the debate, many disgruntled Americans took to social media to praise their supported candidates, debate the opposition’s claims, and provide a gloomy take on the state of the country. Many tweets surfaced saying, “The real losers are the American People.”

    “It was frustrating more than helpful,” said Junior Ricky Miller when asked about the debate. “It had no real outcome or purpose.”

     The second debate that would be held in Miami was canceled due to President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis. The third scheduled debate is slated to occur on October 22 in Nashville from 8:00 to 11:00 pm Eastern Time.

     Although this presidential debate may have been extremely crucial, I do not think anyone changed their mind on who he or she will vote for.