Is This America?


Stanley Qu, Broadcast Editor

Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, several protests have occurred nationwide. Two substantial protests have occurred in Seattle and Portland.

George Floyd’s arrest was apparently a result of an alleged counterfeit $20 bill. Bodycam footage reveals the arrest escalated when Floyd resisted the officer’s handcuffs. When the officers attempted to put Floyd in the police car, Floyd resisted again and told the officers he was claustrophobic and would not be able to breathe in the car. Two officers pushed and shoved him into the car, but Floyd came out on the other side. Once on the other side of the vehicle, Derek Chauvin, one of the officers, put his knee on Floyd’s head to suppress his movements. Floyd lost consciousness and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

This incident sparked nationwide interest and began a movement of riots and protests around America. Most riots have begun as peaceful protests but eventually evolve into an opportunity for agitators to destroy and steal. Protesters seek to defund the police and end police brutality towards people of color. First, the riots and protests happened in Minneapolis, and then several other cities followed including Seattle and Portland.

Seattle became a war zone between law enforcement and protesters by the end of May. Law enforcement used tear gas and rubber bullets to suppress riots while the protesters used fire, fists, and an assortment of weapons. Rioters destroyed businesses and robbed stores as peaceful protests sought to bring awareness to police brutality towards black people.

Eventually, the rioters declared that a region in the Capitol Hill neighborhood would be their own. They named it “CHAZ” or Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone and have been self-governing ever since.

In Portland, similar events unfolded following George Floyd’s death. Riots and protests moved through the streets of Portland day and night.

All over the country, both peaceful protests and destructive riots have engulfed the streets of major cities. As nationwide conflicts heighten, the idea of the “peaceful protest” has become a myth to the public eye. Protests have been completely radicalized by the actions of so-called “justice fighters” who have earned the Black Lives Matter Movement a reputation for violence.