Quarantine Like A Saint

Xenia Minton, Staff Writer


It’s been almost a month since quarantine started, and as many teenagers and families are experiencing, it can be difficult to find activities to preoccupy oneself. It’s unsafe to see friends, go out to eat, and even go on campus, so it’s understandable that many people have no idea what to do in such an unknown and bizarre time. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to pass the time, stay at home, and basically save the world from spreading germs.

     Many Saints have come up with a number of creative and entertaining ways to distract themselves from the mostly negative and sometimes even misleading news. Senior Miley Ray uses her quarantine time to read outside—by herself, of course.

     “I am lucky to have block 7 study hall so Tuesday through Friday I have a long lunch period,” Ray said. “I use that time when it is most sunny outside to lay out in my backyard. I normally like to read while I’m outside to be productive and enjoy some peace and quiet. I think being outside makes me focus more on the material and is also a refreshing change of pace from being trapped in my house all day.”

     Going outside is a great way to stay both physically and mentally healthy. In addition to going outside and reading, cooking is another enjoyable activity to do while in quarantine. Senior Olivia Huckaby has been effectively preoccupying herself with cooking and baking.

     “One of my favorite things to do while social distancing is cooking,” Huckaby said. “I usually cook for myself a lot normally, but this time has given me even more opportunities to try out new recipes. Here, I cut up a bunch of zucchini and squash to go with some spaghetti!”

     Besides cooking, Junior Trey Hebert has found an imaginative way to incorporate food in his quarantine time. Hebert created a snack bracket for his friends and posted it on Snapchat.

     “I decided to make a 64 team snack bracket in place of the canceled NCAA basketball tournament,” Hebert said. “I did it for the people and got over 100 entries. It excited many including myself, glad I could help with some of the boredom.”

     The performing arts have also aided some of the musically talented Saints. Sophomore Avery Stallings has been writing songs on her guitar to pass the time. She also started teaching her brother who lives in California how to play the piano.

     “Music has brought us closer,” Stallings said. “It’s really the only way I’ve been able to stay sane during all of this.”

     Classic entertainment isn’t a completely bad way to spend your time either. Watching The Vampire Diaries on Netflix with her cat is how Freshman Douglas Watkins has been coping with social distancing.

     “Quarantine is nice in a way because it’s very flexible,” Watkins said. “I can spend lots of quality time with my cat, and I get to watch a lot of Netflix.”

     This form of relaxation can be a great way to spend your evenings after finishing homework. It’s a calming way to unwind after a long day of Google Meet and enjoy oneself in bed with snacks and a good movie.

     Regardless of how you choose to spend your time in quarantine, hopefully your fellow Saints have inspired you to discover new hobbies, revive old ones, unwind and relax, and take it easy. We’re all in this together, and sooner or later, everything will be back to normal and we will all be able to see each other once again.