Corona Closes Schools


Revelation Staff, Staff Writer

The following email was sent out to the SA community from Head of School, Tom Sheppard, on March 14 regarding COVID19 and its educational impact:

While the most current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that short to medium term school closures do not impact the epi curve of COVID-19, we now believe it is in the best interests of our Saints community to pause, reflect, and plan for all possibilities. To make that possible, we are adjusting our schedule for the week of March 16 – 22. During this time, we will activate Step One of our Continuity of Learning Plan by canceling all school activities. The faculty will use this time to prepare and help families prepare for a possible transition to distance learning if that becomes necessary on March 23. 

What this means for you:

  1. St. Andrew’s realizes that a school closure of one week may present day care challenges for some families. We are exploring ways that St. Andrew’s can support our community in this regard and will forward additional information shortly if those options prove viable. We are also exploring options regarding how the school might be supportive if we activate Step Two of Our Continuity of Learning Plan after next week as described below. It is possible that our efforts will not result in viable ways the school can support families in this regard, so please plan accordingly. 

  2. At some point between March 17 and 20, please retrieve, or have your child retrieve, school books and school supplies from the North or South Campus during normal school hours. Please have one family member come to campus for this purpose. We ask that students and parents depart from campus immediately after retrieving the necessary materials. 

  3. At some point later this week, the school will decide whether, beginning the week of March 23, we will activate Step Two of our Continuity in Learning Plan which would include a transition to distance learning. If we do not transition to distance learning on March 23, we will resume in-person learning on both campuses.

  4. Next week you will receive additional information from division heads on the specifics regarding how distance learning would occur within each division if it becomes necessary and how we will support our families in this transition.

Thank you for your support and patience as well as your faith in the school as we navigate these uncertain times together.