Spring Musical Slays


Sarah Sullivan, Staff Writer

I went to the 7pm showing on Thursday night of the upper school musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and I absolutely loved it. I was thoroughly impressed with the harmonizing and coordinated dances. Rush Lacoste’s character was my favorite character, he was so funny and everything his character did made me laugh. Now, I normally dislike musicals but this one just completely changed my mind, it was truly outstanding. This particular musical was interactive and called up members in the audience to spell words. The cast even made the participants dance and Jace Roach’s character sang a serenade to one of the participants should not be missed. This play kept everyone entertained and kept everyone laughing. It was a very nice break from the stress of the schoolwork. If you think you do not have time, make time. I am telling you: you cannot miss this!