SA Confessions


Sofia Rodriguez, Student Life Editor

The life of an SA student is one that can include the stress of academics, sports, and the difficulties of being a kid or teenager growing into an adult. While we all have our favorite parts of St. Andrew’s, there are some issues we, naturally, all have.

     Whether it be the stress of academics or the stress of teenage social life, we all have our ups and downs. 

     I have asked a variety of people, who shall remain anonymous, about the certain topics they have issues with regarding St. Andrew’s. 

     Some of the topics included academics, the SA social life, LGBTQ+ questions, and others. 

     When asked about the rigorous academics of St. Andrew’s, many of the students responded in ways showing the common SA benefits. 

     “St. Andrew’s has a pretty strong academic program,” One student said. “The amount of work given not only pushes us academically, but it builds our time management skills as young adults. The work is challenging and allows the students to actually learn instead of just do.”

     However, the SA academic challenge does have its flaws, as all academics anywhere would.

     “I believe St. Andrew’s has prepared me very well for college, but many times I feel as though the environment is toxic,” Another student said. “Everyone is so focused on being perfect, and if one does not excel at every activity and subject, they are made to feel mediocre. In reality, these students are very bright and hard working, but are surrounded by teachers and peers that continue to push for unhealthy competition.”

     St. Andrew’s, being a college preparatory school knows exactly what to do to prepare its students for college and life and does so, with its rigor and its fast-paced education. However, this can lead to a lot of stress on the students.

     “St. Andrew’s is certainly making an attempt to control student stress on campus, but certain activities that we do for ‘Wellness’ feel a bit forced sometimes,” This student said. “The school is making great progress in trying to control our stress but we probably need more effective activities for our age group. Writing during advisory (which is only once a week) and taking surveys has not really been extremely helpful, but the attempts are noted and I’m sure the students are grateful.”

     St. Andrew’s also focuses on the topic of gender and sexuality with its assemblies regarding the situation and its very accepting environment.

     “In recent years, St. Andrew’s has become much more open to talking about gender and sexuality,” a student said. “Previously, I believe many attempts to address these issues were superficial and only done to help the school’s overall image. However, the St. Andrew’s community is very welcoming and has made tangible efforts to help LGBTQ+ students on campus.”

     St. Andrew’s has always been extremely accepting of all genders, races, sexualities, and religions, and will continue to educate its students on how we can accept those who are different, as the years go by. 

     These anonymous confessions can help St. Andrew’s improve on its minor flaws, leading us to a better future and a better life for the students, faculty, and staff.