Travel Hacks


Stella Brewer, Staff Writer

Whether traveling internationally, or just going to the next state over, there are tons of tips and tricks out there to help take away some of the stress of traveling. With just a few hacks, going on trips can be made easy. 

     Overpacking is an issue for even the best of us. Instead of folding clothes, try rolling them up to save tons of space in a small suitcase. 

     “I always roll my clothes up when I’m packing.” Said sophomore Ferriday Rose Green. “It saves so much space and I can see all of my clothes in one row.”

     Another way to organize your suitcase is by using packing cubes. Packing cubes are small bags that go inside a suitcase to keep everything organized. Packing cubes help to compartmentalize everything so that all of your belongings stay where they are supposed to be. For small items, use tic tac holders to carry things like spices or pills. 

     Waking up early to catch a flight can be a pretty big issue if you aren’t a morning person. Try checking into your flight up to 24 hours before liftoff. Checking in early alleviates the stress of waiting in a long line to get boarding passes. By checking in earlier, there is faster access to security, and you might be able to have a  better plane seat. By checking in early, you also wouldn’t have to run through the airport to find the right terminal.

     “I refuse to wake up early to get on a plane,” Sophomore Kaitlin Wade said “My dad always wakes me up three hours before we have to be at the airport, so checking in could actually be really helpful for us.”

     Worse than waking up for a flight, finding a comfortable sleeping position on a plane can be the real challenge, especially for those who are tall. Here are some tips to get a good rest on a plane: Bring a weighted blanket and buckle your seatbelt on top of it to keep out unnecessary bursts of air; to block out noise while trying to sleep, download the Sleep Pillow app and listen to white noise on a pair of headphones; and finally, try to snag a window seat in order to lean on the window. 

     Flight anxiety can prove to be the most worry-inducing part of a plane ride . Some people even get motion sickness on planes. Using peppermint oil before taking off will help with nausea.

     Hopefully, in the future, you will incorporate more of these tips into your traveling and in turn, trade the anxiety of traveling for delightful exploring.