A Magical Spring Break Destination

Stella Brewer, Staff Writer

     In the cold of the winter, tons of people want to travel somewhere warmer. It is definitely time for a vacation. Many St. Andrew’s students are planning out of state trips for spring break in 2020. With an average of 78 degrees in March, Florida is an amazing place to travel to during the week-long break. 

     According to many popular travel blogs like FamilyVacationCritic, Florida is an excellent state to visit this spring break.  Florida has tons of popular tourist destinations like Orlando, The Florida Keys, Pensacola, Miami, Titusville, and Panama. 

     Florida is gigantic, offering a variety of trips. You could go for a theme park, a beach, or just somewhere to party. 

     One of the top rated cities to visit in Florida is Orlando. Orlando holds a special place in the hearts of those who crave the thrill of theme parks. Being the top rated theme park in the United States, Walt Disney World gets a lot of attention from travel fiends.

     Walt Disney World is very different compared to mainstream theme parks because all of the rides are based off of Disney movies or shows, providing almost an escape from the park itself and a step into a whimsical make believe land.

     “I’ve never been to Florida.” said Sophomore Terrence Dotson.  “My nana and I are going to Florida over spring break and we are going to visit Universal Studios.”

     Universal Studios in Orlando is a very popular tourist destination for adrenaline seekers. The park is full of themed rides, the most popular being the Harry Potter ones. 

     “I’m really excited.” Dotson said. “My friend Morgan said I would love the food and candy, but I am most excited for the rides.”

With places to relax, party, and just have fun, Florida, is a widely diverse and wise choice for spring break.