Humans of St. Andrew’s – Julienne Sones

Here’s the Cut on Julienne’s Life

Maya Adams, Staff Writer

     Julienne Sones has attended St. Andrew’s for over a decade, has been a constant on the archery team since seventh grade and has committed herself to at least one school theatre production for the past five years. What else is there to know? Firstly, when asked if there was anything that she didn’t want included in this, Julienne requested that the title not be a pun about any part of her name; despite this request, she then proceeded to suggest a title that played on the fact that her name is a way of thinly cutting food. Another unconventional facet of Julienne’s life is that her dad sends her a borderline indecipherable text message in emojis every morning. Overall, Julienne is a very interesting person with a personality that transcends the idea of your basic seventeen-year-old girl.

     Julienne’s personality isn’t the sole reason for her uniqueness. She is also influenced by her family life. One example is a family tradition that has continued for generations. Starting with her great-great-grandfather, who allegedly died with only three fingers, there is an annual occurrence within the Sones family between the twentieth of December to the twentieth of January; each year in that timeframe, someone in Julienne’s family cuts their finger. While there is a flux of whether an entire digit is lost or merely a bit of skin, at least one slicing invariably befalls the Sones’ family each year.

     Julienne is the oldest of three siblings, the youngest of whom is only three-years-old. Julienne’s parents have had their fair share of adventures in having four children. One of these adventures includes the St. Andrew’s May Day celebration which Julienne and her family have celebrated for more than a decade – they even have the t-shirts to prove it! “I think it’s really tragic,” said Julienne when asked how she feels about the eight more years of May-Days her parents will have to attend.

     All of these quirks that make Julienne’s family unique have shaped her into who she is today and the friendships she has made. If there’s a day where she doesn’t fascinate her friends with some tale or other centered around her not getting the joke about someone saying that she sounded like an owl, then Julienne is instead lamenting what she considers the unfair height difference her siblings have. Because of how long she’s been at St. Andrew’s and how much longer she’ll be connected to it, Julienne’s life is intricately intertwined with the school even though she graduates in what is a little over a year.