Celebrating the Season


Emma Stokic, Staff Writer

 It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas! What is your first thought when hearing that? Maybe you think of your faith, family, presents, decorations, or food. Foremost, Christmas is intended to be an annual celebration of the birth of Jesus. 

     “As a Christian, my favorite part of Christmas is the religious aspect of it,” Sophomore Dami Oluwatade said. “It sounds cliche but people tend to forget the ‘reason for the season’. My parents have instilled the Christmas story in me since I was young, and it stays with me through the Christmas season.”

     While most people’s main focus is still on the religious aspect, the overall notion of Christmas has developed different meanings over the years.Originally symbolizing the Three Wise Men presenting gifts to baby Jesus, gifts on Christmas day are tradition which everyone enjoys, especially children, who still get presents from Santa.

     “My favorite part of Christmas is the act of giving and receiving,” Senior Lizzie Lee said. “We all love getting presents, but we also love making someone else happy through something thoughtful we give to them.”

     While presents are great, coming together with the ones you love is truly the best gift of all. The Christmas season has become a designated time for family and friends to spend time together after long periods of not seeing each other. Our daily lives can be very busy, so the holidays serve the wonderful purpose of being able to take time off and spend it with loved ones. 

     “Christmas means being with my family for a much longer time than I usually get to have with them,” Sophomore Avery Stallings said. “I love being able to see everyone.” 

      Merry Christmas!