Humans of St. Andrew’s

Mrs. Rodriguez’s Journey to St.A


Caroline Croft, Student Life Editor

Linda Rodriguez is the Global Voices of Oppression and Journalism teacher at St. Andrew’s and has a daughter, Sofia Rodriguez, who is a Junior. Rodriguez was born in Switzerland and moved to Lawrence, Kansas when she was three. She grew up in Kansas and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Classical Antiquities at the University of Kansas. She moved to St. Louis to teach after college and eventually earned a Master’s degree in Educational Policy: Global Studies from the University of Illinois. In 1997, Rodriguez moved to Natchez, MS and taught at Trinity Episcopal School. In 2017, that school closed and she was offered a job at St. Andrew’s. 

     “We wanted a more diverse educational experience for our daughter who was entering high school,” Rodriguez said. “Also, I was offered a job at St. Andrew’s. Sometimes God closes doors so that you can see the one you’re supposed to go through.”

     Rodriguez has experience working at Kansas City, Kansas public schools, Clayton, Missouri public schools, and claims that although the South had a bad reputation in the North, she realized that policies do not reflect the character found in southerners. 

     “Growing up in Kansas I had always heard that the South was really scarred by its civil rights history, but moving to a small town in Mississippi taught me that people are more important than policies,” Rodriguez said. “I have met the kindest, most generous people in the South and have learned the true meaning of southern hospitality which is that everyone takes care of each other, no matter what side of the tracks someone may come from.”

     Rodriguez started teaching at St. Andrew’s as Upper School World History teacher in 2017, then moved to the English department. She was Global Studies Director in Natchez and has a passion for helping Mr. Tokarski and Mrs. Philpott support and expand the global studies program at St. Andrew’s. Rodriguez enjoys the emphasis on innovation, the challenge of teaching new classes, and teaching in the i2 room at St. Andrew’s. 

     “St. Andrew’s is a school filled with real kids from all different backgrounds taught by faculty who truly care about their well being and want them to be the best they can be,” Rodriguez said. “Students are supported by an administration that values professional growth and sustainable programming.”

       Mrs. Rodriguez has made a positive impact on the SA community by being both a teacher and a friend to all of her students. She encourages and wants them to succeed and gives valuable advice to anyone who asks.