Rally Around All The Sports?


Mary Reagan Barnett, Travel Editor

Ever wonder why football is the only sport that is celebrated with pep rallies? It seems that it’s seen as a tradition in the south. 

Junior Madeleine Halford also believes it’s a tradition because we have done it for so long.

  “I think that the reason football is the only sport that gets pep rallies is just out of tradition,” Halford said. “We have been doing it for so long that it has become the norm.” 

Although it’s a tradition, Chadwick also believes it would be hard on the cheer and dance teams since they don’t practice year-round. If pep rallies were held for sports in the winter and spring, the cheer and dance teams would have to make adjustments to their schedule. Junior Camille Halverson claims she wouldn’t want to practice year-round because getting home late every night is too stressful. 

“Having to perform and go home late would be stressful and would make my workload seem worse,” Halverson said.  

Having pep rallies for every sport might take away the excitement of only having them at the beginning of the year. However, having a pep rally before a state championship game wouldn’t require as much work. Sports like soccer, swimming, cross country, tennis, and track have made it to state within the past year and feel as if they aren’t as appreciated as football. 

  “I think that the reason certain sports like football, baseball, and basketball get more recognition is an endless cycle of the school only promoting certain sports,” Halford said. “I remember two years ago there was little to no promotion for anyone to come out to the girls’ soccer state championship game.  I just think all sports deserve the recognition they (football) get.”

Holding pep rallies before state championship games would not only make the athletes feel supported but it would also encourage students to attend the game. 

 “I think it would encourage students to attend because pep rallies excite the student body and the players and creates a more interactive and supportive student section,” Junior Lizzy Springer said.