Packing Like a Pro


Cole Morse, Opinion Editor

Preparing for trips, especially those which last for more than a few days, is almost always a painful process. But it doesn’t have to be. There are actually many methods anyone can use in order to pack efficiently and, most importantly, in a way that won’t increase stress levels.

Instead of waiting until the very last moment to consider what to bring, make sure to plan ahead for the packing process. Begin by considering the climate, typical dress code, and culture of your destination. You may not even realize how different your destination is from your usual environment.

“An entire culture, country, or nation might be set up in a very different way: traffic, dress codes, food types, and even buildings,” Director of Global Studies Przemek Tokarski said. “It’s really important to do your research.”

In a few days I will be traveling to Spain on a school trip along with many of my classmates. I began packing and planning a few weeks ago, a decision I am extremely glad I made. As someone who used to pack the day before trips, I can vouch that a long-term process is far more pleasant than a short-term one. With productive planning and an accurate execution of plans, you don’t have to stress.

“I always print out a list of what I know I’ll need and then go from there,” Senior Emerson Boone, who will also be attending the Spain trip, said. “I pull everything I already have out, realize what I’m missing, and just buy anything else I need.”

When you get on the plane, go ahead and catch some z’s. I know the screen in front of you is tempting, but starting any trip tired will not benefit anyone, especially if you get grumpy with your fellow travelers.

Even with the most careful planning, you will likely still forget something or face a situation for which you are not prepared–and that’s okay. The best mindset to have for any trip is to “expect the unexpected.” There is no point in worrying about what may or may not happen. Prepare the best you can, and you can adapt to anything.
Many people avoid travel for fear of the potential stress and agitation it will bring. With a good plan; however, these emotions can be avoided altogether. Anyone can experience fun adventures in new places. In the end, traveling allows us to experience completely new worlds. And who doesn’t want that?