Swimming to the ‘ship


Miley Ray, Broadcast Editor

“I was just using this meet to see where we were and what we needed to work on going into our last week of practice before the state championship next week,” Senior Swim Team Captain Reeves Fisackerly said. “What was amazing to me was I could see that everyone wanted it and there was a real sense of rallying together. Being North State champions was not in the itinerary, but now I’m even more excited for the championship than before!”

     After working hard all season girls and boys swim teams from St. Andrew’s finished out North State feeling confident and excited for the state championship to come. 

     “This swim season has been challenging yet incredibly rewarding for the girls,” Senior Swim Captain Meredith Boles said. “We lost some extraordinary talent this past season, so our main focus has been on empowering our newer swimmers. The powerful amalgam of our newer swimmers with our veteran swimmers has created a very promising future for our team. I am confident that we are headed into our upcoming meets with ample motivation and a strong lineup to boot. We are undoubtedly looking forward to our upcoming meets and the opportunity to defend our state championship title.” 

     Clearly, the leadership from captains, positive attitudes between teammates, and hard work from athletes paid off for these saints because both boys and girls finished first at the state championship meet with a record-breaking finish for Jack Sewell, Jackson VanMeter, Rhodes Pharr, and Reed Finseth in the 200 free relays. After ending the season so swimmingly, Junior Jack Sewell is already looking forward to next year.

      “Excited for next season, but I will miss my boys. Can’t wait to do it again next year, hooah!” Sewell said.