US Department of Ed to Visit St. Andrew’s


Phoebe Xu, Online Editor

This Friday, September 20, US Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education Frank Brogan and two members of his team will visit St. Andrew’s as part of their effort to visit schools around the country that are innovative in their approach to education. The Department Of Education released a statement that said, in part, “Brogan’s final stop will be at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School where he will be joined by Head of School Tom Sheppard. He will visit classrooms where students are learning advanced math and science, and using innovative, research-based technologies.” 

Associate Head of Middle and Upper Schools for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation, Julie Rust said, “We in i2 are very excited that St. Andrew’s is being recognized for its continuing tradition of innovation. We see the formation of i2 as a manifestation of the commitment that our institution has towards always examining what is happening in classrooms. We see innovation in i2 as more than technology; we see it as actively making meaning instead of passively absorbing and regurgitating knowledge.  Students will leave St. Andrew’s better prepared to engage meaningfully in a world that demands active critical kinds of participation.” With St. Andrew’s long history of innovation and our new i2: Inspire and Innovate movement, we are proud to host the Department of Education on both of our campuses.