Will Davis, Lifestyle and Reviews Editor

After almost a year of silence, alternative hip-hop group BROCKHAMPTON returns with their latest release, GINGER. After kicking Ameer Vann out of the group, they started spending more time on projects and experimenting off their original style. Compared to past releases, GINGER reinvents BROCKHAMPTON’s style and is their most versatile release yet.

While being the group’s most versatile album, it’s also their most emotional. Despite leaving, Vann continued to cause problems with the group which they address on “DEEPLY DEPARTED.” Most of the emotion is rooted to Vann’s betrayal of the group, but they also confront personal problems. 

“Even though Ameer was my favorite member of BROCKHAMPTON, I think that it’s right for the group to go on without him,” Senior John Mychal Warren said.

In GINGER, BROCKHAMPTON’s production maintains a perfect balance of upbeat, soothing, and melancholic sounds. One of my favorite beats on the album is “BOY BYE.” The sample from Dariush’s “Ejazeh” works perfectly to compliment Matt Champion and Dom McLennon’s raps. Another quality produced track is “NO HALO”. The mellow guitar riff is soothing and goes well with every verse on the song. “ST. PERCY” is another standout track with a hard-hitting bass that shows some aggression.

Rapping wise, each member developed a more monotone delivery to go with the depressing message of the album: losing a friend. After their disappointing 2018 release, IRIDESCENCE I didn’t think they were gonna be able to bounce back with a good album, but GINGER was a pleasant surprise.