InSaint Asylum

Caroline Croft, Student News Editor

It’s the first football game of the season and St. Andrew’s students are decked out in pool party attire. The seniors line the fence while the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen stand in the bleachers, passionately cheering on the SA football team. The football team scores a touchdown and Spirit Leader Hayes Waycaster is quick to pick up the SA banner and sprint down the side of the field to the tune of a hundred screaming fans. 

     Senior Spirit Leader Anna Jordan Henrix has been a passionate fan and consistent attendee of sporting events throughout her four years of high school at St. Andrew’s. She enjoys cheering alongside people who share a common love for sports and seeing the crazy outfits that people wear. 

     “I think the ideal student section is one that is very enthusiastic and loud towards whichever sport is playing, whether it be football or track,” Hendrix said. “A great student section is one that is very engaged in the game, play-by-play, and I definitely think the Insaint Asylum checks off all of these qualities.”

     Hendrix recollects her favorite moments from student sections past and explains why she wanted to be a spirit leader. 

     “Some of my favorite memories of the student section are from freshman and sophomore year basketball and baseball games,” Hendrix said. “For baseball, my favorite was when we beat Seminary third round at home and stormed the field in our white-out attire. Another favorite of mine is when the volleyball team plays big home games and the student section sings and calls cheers. Any sports game when we beat St. Joe is always good, too.”

     A recent poll was sent out to the student body asking what their favorite student section theme is. “White Out” was chosen by an overwhelming majority, possibly because it is the easiest to execute and looks the most cohesive. The second most popular theme was “Jersey,” another easy theme to participate in. 

     Superfan Web Watkins is a faithful attendee to most football and volleyball games. Watkins enjoys cheering with his classmates and always dresses with the theme when he has something to wear.  

     “Getting to dress out, being with the fans, cheering when we score, and going crazy when something good happens are my favorite parts of being a part of the student section,” Watkins said. “Rowdy fans that don’t give up on the team make the student section better.”

      Chadwick Collins is another ardent and enthusiastic fan. He thinks that being in the student section makes fans feel a part of the game since the student section is typically the loudest and most passionate of the fans, and supports dressing to the theme. 

     “When there are themes and you participate, it makes the whole Friday, leading up to the pep rally, and the game exciting and fun,” Collins said. “The student section is at its best when everyone is just continuously loud throughout the game.”