The SA Student Council’s New President and Vice President

Sofia Rodriguez, Staff Writer

    The SA Student Council has just announced its Vice President and President for the 2019-2020 school year. Upcoming President Toni Oluwatade and Vice President Arness Georgetown were elected on Monday, March 25. The two offer many promises for the 2019-2020 school year, ranging from optional AP exams to grade lock-ins and retreats.

    The two current juniors were President and Vice President of their sophomore year and hope to lead the Upper School into great success.

     Student Council teacher representative Mrs. Marjanovic is eager for the 2019-2020 school year with the two as leaders.

   Marjanovic said, “So, all of the candidates we had seem like they would fit the position as President and Vice President,” Marjanovic said. “I think that Toni and Arness, being President and Vice President in tenth grade, already had that leadership position and their classmates were already familiar with them.”

   Oluwatade and Georgetown are very academically successful, in addition to being very athletic. Toni plays soccer and Georgetown plays basketball.

    “I feel that Toni and Arness are both known for their academic and athletic pursuits,” Marjanovic said. “The Student Body is probably very aware of their faces; I mean Toni Oluwatade has a younger brother in the ninth grade, so I think that might give an advantage. They are just more known within students.”

    Head of School Mr. Tom Sheppard was also present at the campaign speeches and is looking forward to the 2019-2020 school year, with the two as President and Vice President.

    “I very much enjoyed hearing the speeches as doing so gave me insights into the feelings of the student body as well as their hopes and dreams for our community,” Sheppard said. “It was encouraging to hear so many students express their appreciation for what we have at St. Andrew’s while also expressing their desire for the school to keep improving.”

    Sheppard, Oluwatade, and Georgetown plan to meet to discuss plans for the new year in order to better SA, as a whole.

    “Most importantly, I look forward to working with the entire community to fulfill our Vision for the Future,” Sheppard said. “Doing so helps St. Andrew’s to grow as a school that is a remarkable place to surround yourself with talented students, faculty and administrators.”

    Upcoming Student Body President Toni Oluwatade is very excited for the new year in her position.

    “Arness and I are honored that we were chosen among such an outstanding group of candidates,” Oluwatade said.  “We feel quite overwhelmed with the congratulatory messages, and it makes us so happy that people are excited that we won. We are honestly just really grateful.

    She plans to meet with Mr. Sheppard and not only listen to the students’ wishes, but also do her best to fulfill them.

    “We’re excited about working with the administration, teachers, and students on building a better St. Andrew’s,” Oluwatade said. “We’re looking forward to hearing everyone’s ideas about how transformation can be accomplished…We want next year to be a year of change. Arness and I don’t want to just talk about change; we want to incite it.”

    Oluwatade and Georgetown plan to make SA an even better school than it already is. With their new ideas and eagerness, the two plan to be proactive with their positions and serve the SA Student Body proudly. Go Saints!