Giving Thanks, SA Style


Aaron Moore, Staff Writer

It is officially fall and we are almost halfway through the school year! More importantly, this means that Thanksgiving is approaching. We will start the holiday off right with a service learning day on Friday, November 22 and have a break until Sunday, December 1. In the middle of our week off is Thanksgiving holiday. Sophomore Ben Xu and Senior Jake Monk have different ideas of what makes for a good Thanksgiving.
Ben Xu says to have a good Thanksgiving, “You need to gather some friends and find your own special way to celebrate with them”.
On the other hand, Jake Monk says to have a good Thanksgiving, “You need family, food, and turkey and that’s it.”
Whether it is with family, friends, or food, everyone has their own way of spending this holiday. Most people use this day to show their thankfulness for everything they have.
“Thanksgiving is a time where families come together and it’s a time where we can show our gratefulness for all the stuff we have. We have to be thankful that God is allowing us to be thankful for what we have,” says Johnson.
Junior Larry Day has a similar view. “We can be thankful for our family, our friends and we show this thankfulness by coming together every thanksgiving day and celebrating together,” says Day.
Freshman Enyla Blackmon finds joy in the preparation. “Like most people, I enjoy the food,” Blackmon said. “The preparation is a time where all of my family is able to come and work together and just to enjoy each other’s company,” says Blackmon.
Regardless of how or if you celebrate we hope that you have a great break. Happy Thanksgiving!