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Olivia Huckabay, Student News Editor

Prom marks the peak of the junior year; an incredible social event planned by the juniors for the senior class. While this dance is ornamented with extravagant décor at the Capitol Club, which overlooks the night time skyline of downtown Jackson, the event has not always been the same. In fact, earlier graduates of St. Andrew’s had a much different experience at prom. Current students obsess over the idea of having a DJ, but past students always had bands.

“I think one difference is that, back then, everyone wanted a band, and we never would have even considered having a DJ,” College Counselor Scott Johnson said.

“A couple of your dances have had bands that played at my proms and homecomings,” Prom committee sponsor Emily Jones said.

Prom dress styles have also changed over the years. However, both strapless dress and two-piece dresses are still worn.

“Strapless A-line dresses were definitely in when I was in high school,” English teacher Marty Kelly said. “There was also a brief moment where two-piece dresses were a thing.”

“My senior year I wore a silver skirt with a light blue short-sleeved sweater,” Jones said. “No, I don’t have a picture, but I was very much inspired by this look from 10 Things I Hate About You!”

The men’s fashion does not vary significantly, except from the ‘70s.

“I can’t really say for the young ladies because they all looked very nice, but for the guys – the bowties were definitely a LOT larger,” Dean of Students Dan Roach said. “Another thing was that the tuxedos were not all that ‘traditional.’ Many of them had crushed-velvet lapels, and some were colors not typically found in nature.”

Even though styles might be different, prom was always as elaborate as it is now. When St. Andrew’s only had two dances, prom was always highly anticipated because it was the last dance of the year. Past proms have also taken place at various locations including River Hills, Old Capitol Inn, and the old Iron Horse Grill.

Currently, promposals, extravagant ways of asking someone to prom, are also very popular among high school students.

“I asked Cole using a Frozen themed cake, because she has blue hair that looks like Elsa’s dress,” Junior Hayes Waycaster said.

However, people used to ask others to prom in very different ways.

“My friend and I liked these two boys from JA that we went to youth group with so we decided we would email them to ask them to prom (remember, we didn’t have texting),” Kelly said. “I cringe every time I think about it. The sweet boys mercifully said ‘yes’ and we had so much fun, but I CANNOT believe I emailed someone to ask them to be my date. Hilariously enough, I am now in a book club with the wife of my friend’s date.”

Although some might not remember their prom very vividly, others have some interesting memories from this high school dance.

“My date was ‘pretending’ like she was about to pour syrup on me, when one of her friends grabbed her hand in which she was holding the cannister of strawberry syrup,” Roach said. “The next thing I know, I had a healthy serving of strawberry syrup all down the right pants leg of my tuxedo.”

Prom has always been a popular event among high schoolers, and as the event becomes more extravagant, it will continue to be a wonderful tradition.

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