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Mary Reagan Barnett

On Jan. 26., high school students attended the annual snow-coming dance located in the commons. Whether it was getting their hair done or getting dressed; many students spent a lot of time getting ready. Which brings up the question…what is the price difference between boys and girls when preparing for a dance? Is there even a price difference?

Some girls scheduled appointments for hair and makeup, or one of the two, hours before the dance. The price of these appointments can get very pricey. Ritz Salon, located in Ridgeland, charges 65 dollars for hair and 65 dollars for makeup, bringing it to a total of 130 dollars for both. However, Maison Weiss, located in Jackson, charges 50 dollars for makeup and 60 dollars for hair.

“I get my makeup done every dance, but not my hair,” an anonymous girl said.

“I normally get both done because it’s easier and they always do a good job,” another anonymous girl said.

Not to mention the expensive makeup and hair appointments, but spray tans and manicures/pedicures are also appointments scheduled before dances. At Palm Beach Tan, you can purchase a spray tan for around 20-30 dollars, which doesn’t include any special add-ins, such as scents and bronzer. Nail appointments can vary in price, depending on where you go and what you get done. At Mani’s and Pedi’s, located in Ridgeland, they charge 35 dollars for a regular manicure and 45 dollars for a regular pedicure. However, the “ultimate” pedicure is priced at 60 dollars.

“I always get my nails done,” Sophomore Grace Ellen Crongeyer said.  “I went to a new nail place and they charged me 30 dollars for gel, which is a lot cheaper than most salons. And then it stays for a while after.”

The price of dresses and shoes also needs to be taken into consideration. Some girls spend hours looking online or going “store to store” looking for the perfect dress. There is a large variety of prices due to people’s different style and where they purchase the dress.

“My dress this year was 150 dollars,” an anonymous girl said.

“I got my dress online this year for a really good price of 45 dollars,” another anonymous girl said.

Some girls don’t schedule these appointments and choose to do their own nails, makeup, or hair, which in the end, saves them a lot of money.

Unlike girls, the high school guys schedule hair cut appointments and fittings for their suits.

“I get my hair cut before every dance. It cost about 30 dollars,” Senior Gray Alston said.

Guys also have to communicate with their dates to get the right color tie; most likely ending with them having to buy a new one.

“My tie was probably around 30-35 dollars,” an anonymous boy said.

The high school boys said there isn’t much that goes into getting ready for a dance.

“I shower and get dressed. I do my hair, brush teeth, and make sure I smell good. Takes about 45 minutes,” Sophomore Brett Ashy said.

If guys don’t have to schedule a lot of appointments, how much do they end up spending?

“I would say about 75ish dollars each dance,” Sophomore Tanner Hendrix said.

“Probably around 100-150 dollars,” an anonymous boy said.

After the interviews, it is clear that some girls spend a lot more time, and money, in preparation for a dance. Unless boys decide to schedule makeup appointments and spray tans; price will differentiate between boys and girls.

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