Is this the Year for SAccer?

The St. Andrew's Girls' Soccer Team Begins the Road to State

Miley Ray, Sports Editor

     “The ‘SAccer’ bond is indescribable,” Senior Soccer Player Julia Mitchell said. “It is amazing how girls who have never spoken before can become close friends in no time as a result of joining the SAccer team. The name SAccer is SA combined with soccer. The team bond is almost like that of a family in that we are all super close, but we also hold each other accountable. SAccer activities include working hard at practice but also having fun together.”

    After receiving a disappointing second place in the 2017 state championship game, the St. Andrew’s Girls’ Soccer Team is looking forward to a second chance at being state champions.

     “I think we can make it to the state championship because we basically have the same lineup as last year, and it was just a really unlucky game,” Sophomore Soccer Player Allison Santa-Cruz said. “The team energy from last season’s loss carried over to the beginning of this season.”

    The team feels that last year’s loss will help motivate them to have another great season and will help make a championship more intriguing. They hope to gain a rematch against their tough rival, Sacred Heart, to redeem their previous loss.

    “The past couple years, Sacred Heart has been our biggest competition,” Santa-Cruz said. “After making it to state last year for the first time in nine years, facing Sacred Heart added to the pressure. They are in the South State division and we are in the North State division; therefore, the only time we will possibly play them now is at state.”

     The upperclassmen on the team are really hoping to surpass their previous performance at state and to also defeat St. Joe. The seniors especially are really hoping for a great year since it is their last chance for success.

    “My favorite game of the year is the St. Joe game because of the intense rivalry between our two schools,” Junior Soccer Player Kate Rodemeyer said. “I believe this year we may have a shot at state, and I hope to get a ring before I graduate.”

     The team’s morale and hard work are setting themselves up for a great year.

    “Our training schedule this year is more focused on specific skills and technical abilities as well as a huge focus on fitness.” Assistant Soccer Coach Corissa Newburger said. “We are very excited about the people that have come in who are new this year and are also excited about those who are filling the shoes of those who graduated. It is especially promising playing against Brandon this Tuesday, who was the 6A State Champions last year, and the outcome was a tie (0-0). Furthermore, the fact that we did this so early in the season it is extremely exciting. It shows how much we have improved from last year.”

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