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Sofia Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The 2018 SA Fall play, Peter and the Star-Catcher, premieres on Nov. 8, and will continue through Nov. 10, in the CPA.

Ray McFarland, producer of the play, said that this play will be a great addition to SA, due to its popularity among the Broadway community, and the fact that it won more Tony awards than any other show in Tony history. Peter and the Star-Catcher revolves around the history of the magical story of the young boy, Peter Pan.

Peter and the Star-Catchers is a series of novels that were written, telling how Peter Pan became Peter Pan,” McFarland said. “This version was taken from those books.”

The play begins with Peter, played by Junior Hunter Newell, as a young orphan boy, meeting a girl named Molly, played by Senior Mia Hammond, who is learned to be the character, Wendy’s, mother. The introduction of Molly is paired with the introduction of Black Stache, played by Stephen Cook, who would later become Captain Hook.

“There are only two orphans that are with him in this version and they become two of the ‘lost boys,’ McFarland said. “If you remember, in Peter Pan, Peter flies back and he frees a bunch of boys from an orphanage, and that is where the rest of the lost boys are from, going to ‘Never-Never Land,’ which you learn is the ship that took them to the magical island ofNeverland.

Adding to the many experienced actors and actresses coming in to perform in the play, many new faces, including few ninth-graders, are coming to the stage to bring in talents that are critical to the play, as a whole.

    “I’ve got a lot of talented ninth graders that coming in,” McFarland said. “We’ve got a good show.”

Cast members have put several hours into the play, practicing for a majority of the week, in order to make this play one of the best SA has showed in years. Sophomore actress Ashlynn Payne, playing the character of  Ms. Bumbrake, is a supporting actress, as she plays the role of the nanny of lead Molly.

“We practice four days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from six to eight-thirty,” Payne said. “It’s probably going to be one of the best shows we have put on.”                                                                                                       This play is very unique, as it uses comedy, as well as emotion to captivate the audience.

“This play is very fast-paced and there is a lot going on at once,” Payne said. “You really have to pay attention to what the people are saying because there is a lot of hidden jokes and teases.”

This play is planned to be one of the best SA has performed in years. Come watch the history of the magical boy Peter Pan and find out how he became who he is known for today. Please come support your Saints!



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