Healthy Food, Healthy Life

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Healthy Food, Healthy Life

Olivia Huckabay, Student News Editor

Acai bowls, avocado toast, kombucha, and banana ice cream might seem foreign to some people, but they have taken over the health food world. Healthier restaurants have been on the rise throughout the country, but Jackson has only recently experienced this new growth. The development of trendy dining places with modern design elements has been somewhat prevalent in Jackson, but most health-food restaurants are located in Madison County. Some of the more popular locations, all in close proximity to St. Andrew’s, include Whirl, Crossroads Café, and Kale Me Crazy.

Several people have picked up on the lack of restaurants offering healthier alternatives to the greasy and high calorie foods that are often sold in the south. Crossroads Café noticed the lack of availability and opened their store in Jan. of 2016. John Shrewsberry is the owner, but Chef Joe Moorefield is behind the scenes and has mastered the technique of making everything flavorful without loading dishes up with sodium.

“We choose to be organic because no one else is doing it, and Jackson needed someone to open up a healthy restaurant,” Shrewsberry said.

Crossroads offers a large variety in their menu. Ranging from sandwiches and burgers to juices and smoothies, and, currently, there are about 40 flavors on the menu as Shrewsberry has a smoothie to cover almost any need.

“I’ve invented a smoothie called the flu shot, so if you feel like you are getting sick, it will help with that,” Shrewsberry said. “We sell a lot of smoothies, especially green smoothies, and apple banana is the most popular of these.”

However, Kale me Crazy opened over the summer of 2018 and has been a favorite by many since it used to be the only place around to sell the very popular acai bowls, but Whirl, a recently opened smoothie bar, now sells these. The bowls contain a thick smoothie base of acai and are decorated with various toppings such as bananas, strawberries, and granola.

“I like Kale me Crazy because they have a lot of healthy food, and they have a nice acai bowl,” Junior Jack Brown said. “It is the only place around that has one, and it’s my favorite thing there, especially with extra granola because it fills you up.”

Whirl is a natural smoothie bar right down the street from our school on Jackson Street, and it is one of the only locations around to sell smoothies that are not filled with sugar. Junior Mirren Viola began working there on Oct. 31, 2018, the first day it opened.

“My favorite smoothie on the menu is the Peanut Butter and Jelly Salad,” Viola said. “It sounds gross, but it is great for fitting in extra fruits and veggies while tasting really nice.”

Jackson has lacked restaurants offering healthy foods, but the trend has begun to grow in recent times. People are beginning to realize the importance of proper nutrition, and since MS is one of the unhealthiest states in the nation, the state needs healthy, organic eateries to open.

“I think it is very beneficial to have a natural smoothie bar like Whirl because it is so hard to find an actually healthy smoothie in Jackson that isn’t drowned in sugar and processed ingredients,” Viola said. “This shop provides a great way to have a delicious and refreshing smoothie while having a bunch of healthy ingredients.”

Next time you find yourself feeling under the weather and tired of unhealthy foods, stop by one of these restaurants to feel stronger and healthier!

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