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The Under Appreciated, Dedicated Staff of St. Andrew’s

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The Under Appreciated, Dedicated Staff of St. Andrew’s

Jackson Van Meter, Staff Writer

  It’s a normal school day: you go to classes, hang out with friends, eat lunch, attend more classes, then go to study hall or a sport. There are many unseen acts of the day we don’t think about, such as who is going to clean the dirty classrooms, pick up trash or empty the garbage cans, clean the cafeteria, make the food, set up events and clean up from them?

    St. Andrew’s is filled with many great people, from students, teachers and coaches to faculty and employees, but many go unrecognized and under appreciated for their dedication to the school.

    The SA student body is a lot to manage like any large group of highschoolers. The school holds events, feeds the students, cleans up after them, protects them, and much more, yet some of the key people in these tasks go unnoticed.

  Maintenance Staff Member Kim Moore, for example, has been working at the school for six years.

    “It’s the people here,” Moore said. “Everybody is like family.”

    Moore can be seen during the school day working to make sure the school is clean as well as at football games and other school events.

    “As far as maintenance, even with the hard work of set ups and clean ups there are a lot of things we get to be involved with that we wouldn’t if we weren’t working at St. Andrew’s,” Moore said.

    This same sense of family and value of work can also be seen in Security Guard James Walton. Walton will have worked for the school for two years on Nov. 27.

    “I love St. Andrew’s; I feel like this is my family away from home,” Walton said. “I like the kids, I like how intelligent they are, and how loving and caring they are, and I like to treat the kids like they are my own.”

    There is a passion among the workers at the school for their work, as it is more than the task itself. The value of the work comes from the family they are doing it for.

   Cafeteria Worker Tallulah Davis, who has been working for the school for around nine years, makes and serves food to students, and also feels that her job is more than being a “lunch lady.”

    “I like the children,” Davis said. “I like to feed the children. I make sure the children get fed good, and I make sure they have enough. I don’t like anybody doing the children wrong.”

    Moore, Walton, Davis and their coworkers are all not only extremely dedicated to their roles in maintaining the school so that we can get the most out of clean rooms and events but are also dedicated to helping and caring for the students.


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