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Will’s Autumn Playlist

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Will’s Autumn Playlist

Will Davis

 Autumn is coming and your playlists might be as dry as the trees, but don’t worry because in this article, you will find out how to heat up your playlist to make up for the incoming cold weather. Featuring albums from Hozier, Frank Ocean, and Kendrick Lamar, this article encourages you to hop back into music you may have forgotten about.



    Hozier’s self-titled album Hozier released in 2014 is a folk/rock album that features a new sound and genre unlike any other album released during that time period. With the smash hit “Take Me to Church” Hozier gained instant success with his first album, giving him more exposure to a wider audience. The album also features songs like “Someone New” and “Work Song” which are heavily influenced by southern rock. “The whole album is really relaxing and perfect for the fall season,” Junior Keller Sharp said. Hozier also recently released his EP Nina Cried Power in September featuring four new songs.



    Frank Ocean’s Blonde is a timeless classic that caters to a wide variety of music tastes with its experimental sound. Including tracks like “Pink + White,” “Self Control,” and “Nights,” it proves its versatility featuring a mix of guitars and slow electronic beats. Frank combines his voice and soothing beats to create relaxing music which is perfect for the fall season.“I find myself listening to Blonde a lot lately because it fits the mood,” Junior William Langford said, “Blonde is my favorite album by Frank.”


Section 80

    Kendrick Lamar’s debut album Section.80 features Lamar’s first glimpse of greatness with impressive lyricism beyond his time. The lead single “A.D.H.D” is where Lamar got his original buzz, and it still remains one of his most popular songs today. Other tracks like “Ronald Reagan Era” and “Rigamortus” include catchy samples with some of his best flows to date. “Kendrick Lamar began hitting hard in Section.80, delivering his first studio album full of bold claims. He was clearly still feeling things out and hadn’t fully come into his own yet, but the seeds were planted there and then,” Immortal Reviews writer Dylan Yadav said.

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  1. Brett Ashy on October 11th, 2018 11:09 am

    Blonde is definitely a classic and it is always in my playlist. Kendrick always has some good songs but I’ve never really gotten into that album. I’ll have to check out Hozier’s album though.

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