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The Mind of a Cross Country Runner

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The Mind of a Cross Country Runner

Caroline Croft, Staff Writer

  What do you think about when you run? Do you sing a song or reflect on your day? Perhaps you think about the food you are going to have after the run or who you will see. Look into the minds and lives of cross country players as they describe their day to day life and what they think about when running to win.

     Each day is different for the SA Girls’ Cross Country team. Depending on the day, the girls could be working on speed and agility, distance running, or strength.

    “Monday consists of a morning long run and yoga during F2,” Sophomore Claire Waddell said. “Tuesday is a speed workout before school and F2, strength. Wednesday is a recovery day with strides after school. Thursday is a speed workout during F2 and Friday is a recovery run or game before school.”

    Waddell explains that Thursday is her least favorite day, and that this past week, on Thursday, they were expected to run twelve 400’s. Although running in the same circle may seem tedious, Waddell explains that sharing the track with other teams such as Football, Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Basketball, and Boys’ Basketball makes running more interesting.

    Sophomore Boys’ Cross Country runner, Jack Sewell, explains that his practices consist of speed workouts and recovery runs.

   “My weekly schedule is running six days of the week, with one rest day, usually on Sunday because we have a meet every saturday,” Sewell said.

     Jack explains that his favorite part of Cross Country is the games: capture the flag, ultimate frisbee, and soccer.

    Many runners use their time running to let their minds wonder.  

    “I think of the absolute weirdest things when I run…I think about a lot of strange music when I’m running, especially at meets when I can’t force myself to think of good music,” Waddell said. “I have a tendency to get christmas music stuck in my head, the most usual being ‘Jingle Bells,’ which is just lovely when you’re running in 90 degree weather.”

     Other than music, Waddell focuses on other people and food at the end of race. Explaining that if Chick-Fil-A is at the end, she will probably run faster.

    Sewell, on the other hand, focuses on his form and finishing the race.

    “When I am running, I think about different things,” Sewell said. “If we are doing a speed workout, I usually focus on form and keeping my body straight, but when we are running long and slow, I’m usually talking with my friends or focussing on breathing…Most of the time during a race I am focussing on not dying, but that usually comprises of keeping my form, breathing, and finishing.”

    According to Girls’ Cross Country Coach Christi Delaughter, her runners are expected to be hardworking and dedicated to improving and working towards their goal of winning the state championship.

    “I try to encourage them as a group as well as individually if I see them going above and beyond either their normal performance or what is expected,” said Delaughter. “My favorite part is being able to coach an incredible group of girls each year.”

    Whether you are trying to figure out a running schedule, or what to focus on when running, these runners will give you a look into how you can accomplish both.



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