Blast to the Past: Homecoming Style

Olivia Huckabay




photo credit: Xenia Minton

SA students blasted back to the ‘80s throughout homecoming week based on the classic movie, Back to the Future. The dress up days followed the same theme, and the week was topped off on Sept. 15 with a grand finale: the homecoming dance featuring a real DeLorean. Not only do the students enjoy this iconic week in high school, but alumni also take this time to reminisce on their past experiences.

The high school dance was decorated more than previous homecomings with an ocean-esque wall mimicking the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, a clock tower similar to that in the movie, and a real DeLorean decorated to mirror the time machine. The theme was seen in many elements of the dance.

“Having seen the movie, I thought the theme was really good and better than ones in the past,” Junior John Mychal Warren said. “Bringing in a real DeLorean was a nice touch. I had a great time at the dance, probably my favorite so far.”

For the seniors, this will be most of their last homecoming dances at St. Andrew’s. Several celebrated by taking senior pictures and having large dinners with their friends.

“I feel pretty content about this being my last homecoming because I realized I spent my time here surrounded by loving people, and now I’m ready to move forward,” Senior Zahra Naveed said.

While some are ready to move on to a new chapter in their lives, some keep coming back to St. Andrew’s. There are several alumni who have returned to their high school in order to pursue their careers including History teacher Emily Jones and English teacher Marty Kelly. They, like other alumni, have noticed major differences between their homecomings and the current ones.

“Our homecomings were similar to yours now but were maybe scaled down a bit because they were down the lake on the area by the Observatory,” Kelly said.

Homecomings have their traditions at St. Andrew’s including guys asking girls, dancing in the bowl, and being outdoors in Sept.; it will continue to be a night that high schoolers look forward to from the first day of school.

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