Broadening Your Horizons

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Broadening Your Horizons

Phoebe Xu, Travel Section Editor

    Imagine being able to go to college in a different country and experiencing its language and culture while getting college credits. Well, you can do have this experience if you dedicate some time to research different programs that colleges might offer.

    “The vast majority of colleges have study abroad or study away programs,” Director of College Counseling Colin Dunnigan said. “Some changes that I have seen are that some colleges are now requiring students to go abroad. Students can go on trips for the semester or year, but now students are also going on trips during holidays, a Maymester, or a summer experience.”

    Although study abroad programs vary in length and destination, here are a few updates from SA Alumni who have lived abroad.

    SA Alum Emily Watson ‘17 and SA Alum Jane Ashley Watson ‘15 both attend Pepperdine University in California and have taken advantage of the study abroad programs offered there. Pepperdine provides its study with a variety of travel options that include studying abroad for a semester, an academic year, or over the summer. Students are able to go on programs in Heidelberg, Washington D.C., Lausanne, Florence, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Fiji, Melbourne, Amman, and London.

    “Pepperdine has various abroad programs and I have been able to study in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Amman, Jordan as a student there,” Jane Ashley Watson said. “At Pepperdine, the housing offered abroad is the same amount as living on campus, so the price to study abroad is included.”

    Students at Pepperdine have an option of studying abroad, and the tuition is the same as studying on campus. In addition, students are still able to receive college credits.

    “I am studying abroad in Lausanne Switzerland for an entire academic year,” Emily Watson said. “Although I have only been here for two weeks, I have already traveled to Barcelona and Valencia, Spain with a small group of friends from my program. There are about 75 Pepperdine students studying in Lausanne, so it’s like I’m living in a house with my entire graduating class at St. Andrew’s. I am looking forward to our program ‘field trip’ to Morocco in a few weeks which will be my first time in Africa.”

    Most colleges offer study abroad programs, but even if they don’t, there are always other ways to study abroad like going with another university. Anyone who doesn’t study abroad is missing out on a great experience according to the Watsons.

    “If anyone is considering studying abroad they need to look into and heavily consider it,”  Emily Watson said. “Change comes from outside your comfort zone & nothing could be truer than that while living in a foreign country.”

    “Living abroad definitely changed me for the better,” Jane Ashley Watson said. “After living abroad, I am a more self-assured traveler and globally aware person.”

    Being open to studying abroad in college will come with many advantages. You may not know what kind of programs your future college might offer, but it never hurts to explore the potential options.  

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