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A banner. A trophy. And a ring.

Ariel Cox, Student Life Editor

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A banner. A trophy. And a ring.

2018 has been a great year for the St.Andrew’s athletic community. With the grand opening of the ARC the year was sent off with a great start. The new and improved training facilities have allowed for St. Andrew’s athletes to prosper, while helping teams bring home plenty of gifts for the new trophy cases. From making school history to keeping our reign at the top of the best 3A teams, the Saints are on their way to bring in six State Championships along with plenty of new milestones.

     At the beginning of the year the Boy’s Swim team was able to add to their collection of State Championships. After beating out rivals and teams who try to take our spot, they proved themselves worthy and brought home the another Boy’s Swim State Championship. At the state meet, the Girls Team fell short a few points leaving them in second place.

    Also, at the beginning of the year boys cross country team brought home the second state championship of the year. The boys cross country ran their way to the State meet, triumphing over the other teams. This year allowed them to keep up their winning streak.

    For the first time in school history the boys basketball team won the schools first 3A basketball championship. After a long year of hard work the basketball team got their first gold basketball. By winning the basketball championship the boys basketball team made their mark proving to other school that St. Andrew’s has more than just smarts.

    Although this has been a winning season dominate by the boys teams, the girls track team won another State Championship along with the Girls and Boys tennis teams.

     The SA tack team won their second State Championship in the last three years. This year the girls track team had many events that helped bring them another championship. Not only did the track team win another championship but they beat their rival team Tylertown. What helped them win was their ability to not only win events but make sure Tylertown was not placed higher than them. Even though the boys team did not win state they were able to place vert high with a seven person team. 

    The tennis team also won another State championship beating several difficult teams. Winning state  is nothing for the SA Tennis teams but it’s something that gives new challenges every year. After not winning last year the sim team was able to come back better than ever and win state.

Once again the Baseball team made it to Trustmark Park and have the possibility to bring home the sixth state championship of the year. After knocking their longtime rival Seminary out of the park, the baseball team stamped their ticket to state. The baseball team has made it to to the State Championship many times but have only won it half the time. With a great team the baseball team has a high chance of bringing home the championship.

   Winning championships brings good attention to the school whille giving the school another image beside being a stricly academic school. It may not be a big deal to some but it means a lot for St. Andrew’s and the atheltic comunity.

   “I think it make the school seem more well round,” Senior Kayla Crossley said. “It also promotes school sprit and make people happy to be here.”

   It shows that St.Andrew’s is not only an accedmic school but also and atheltic one. Establising  school spirit and filling up a trophy case is a great to show off the new things that St. Andrew’s  will have to offer. At the rate the sports teams are going, every team could soon have championship with a  a banner, a trophy and a ring.

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A banner. A trophy. And a ring.